Full Stack Web Software Engineer

Denver   |   Full Time

We are looking for a talented technologist to join our team and lead the development of our award-winning Balancing Act budget simulation. Balancing Act is a SaaS-based tool in use by more than 60 governments to communicate with residents about spending and revenues, and to get informed input on how government should spend taxpayer money. Clients include the cities of Denver, San Jose and Nashville. The software has earned our company a place on the GovTech100 for the last three years.

You will be joining a small team composed of public engagement experts who seek to realize the potential for technology to transform the ways that citizens interact with government. You would be a senior member of the team and would be responsible for maintaining the current tool as well as designing and building new features. At least for now, you would be the only technologist employed by the company, but would have access to the original developers who built and maintained the current code base as well as the ability to hire contractors as needed. We expect to grow over the next three years and will be adding to our staff to accommodate.

The successful candidate can expect competitive salary, bonuses, benefits and ownership shares in the company.

We have a fun office in a historic building in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It is dog-friendly and has a place to park your bike and take a shower. If you get around on four wheels we’ll get you a parking space or an EcoPass. You will have lots of flexibility in how you get your work done, and have the option to work from home whenever appropriate.

You can try a budget simulation here. If you want to see what your work would look like on TV, take a look at this video loop.

If you have questions, contact Chris Adams, President, at or 303/877-0111.


Manage a SaaS application composed of multiple pieces.

Align business goals with application functionality.

Deliver efficiently in a deadline-driven environment.

Provide research and troubleshooting for various programming tasks.

Support and maintain existing projects and engineers on small and large functionality.

Document your contributions appropriately.

Test your contributions thoroughly and adequately through both automated and manual means.


Experience with PHP 7

Proficiency with MVC-style PHP frameworks, namely Laravel 5

Understanding of RESTful APIs and associated concepts

Knowledge and experience writing custom queries on databases like MySQL

Understanding of SOLID principles and design patterns

Familiarity with data security best practices

Experience with front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3 (and SASS), and front-end frameworks such as Vue.js and build tools

Familiarity with version control system concepts, like Git

Acquainted with package managers, like Composer, npm/yarn

Comfortable working with cloud computing providers, like Amazon Web Services


Experience with Bitbucket and Bitbucket Pipelines for managing deployment

Experience with managing large test suites and writing additional API-level feature tests

Ability to jump into a legacy Zend Framework 2 codebase

Basic web server administration skills

Familiarity with Laravel Nova

Excellent technical communication skills

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